Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trips & Summer's End

As summer dwindles down and you're trying to squeeze in that last road trip before the buses start rolling, there are some great lessons to learn that only being in the backseat of the family's vehicle can provide.

Content Areas:
  • Geography - employ your child as the navigator... or at least the assistant navigator, involve and engage them with the map
  • Science - meteorology - notice the weather in your different locations. Is that weather typical for that region? Why?
  • Economy - stop by the local Chamber of Commerce in each town you visit. Discus what drives the economy in each area - coal? fishing? corn? car manufacturing?
  • Writing - have your child keep a journal during the travel. If you have small children model the journal process for them - or let them dictate what they want to record and remember from the adventure.
  • Literacy - collect books based or written by authors from the area you are visiting. Complement your Local Library with a Travel Library. This is a great way to connect learners with books and deepen their comprehension. These books are favorite bed time stories and are a great way to spark fond memories and conversations.
  • Math - figure out your average travel stats... how many miles are you driving or hiking or biking a day? What's your average speed.
  • Astronomy - one of my favorite games as a child was to pick a celestial landmark on our car rides at night and try to follow it with my eyes for as long as I could. Have a discussion about why the stars move.
  • Art - have your child document the trip with drawings or photography

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